Q: How much space do you need?

A: The corner of an average sized living room is fine. The bulk of space need is for the children.

Q: What if there is swearing or inappropriate language in a song they want to sing?

A: The lyrics of all chosen songs are always vetted and anything inappropriate is changed wherever possible. Any unsuitable subject-matter is flagged up ahead of time so you can make a decision as to whether you (and the other mums) are happy for the children to sing it.

Q: How do I listen to the music from the USB bracelet?

A: The bracelets plug in to any standard USB socket on any laptop or desktop computer and most modern TVs. The device shows up as a removable disc called “POP PARTY” and the music tracks appear as MP3 files which can be clicked on to play. On a TV, use the menu to navigate to the USB settings to find the tracks.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: The basic price for the Recording Party is £250, (plus travel if applicable) and covers the birthday girl and 12 guests. Additional guests are charged at £15 per-head. Any additional charges are worked out on the day depending on how many actually turn up, so you never pay for no-shows. To secure a date a deposit of £125 is required at the time of booking, the balance is then due 3 days before the party.

Q: How many children can I have at my party?

A: As many as you want but ideally no more than 15.  For parties with more than 13 children there is an extra charge of £15 for every additional child.  Between 8-12 is best.

Q: What age do the children need to be?

A: In our experience a Pop Party is most suitable for and 8th Birthday and up. Singing and reading lyrics requires concentration and levels vary so much at younger ages.

Q: Do you provide Invitations?

A: Yes. Personalised ones, sent as PDF which can be printed out as many times as needed.

Q: How many songs can they choose?

A: Three.

Q: Can the children choose what songs they record?

A: Absolutely, they’re not limited to choosing from a list. We can help with ideas if you’re not sure. All lyrics are vetted for suitability and any issues are flagged up beforehand.

Q: Do the children have so sing on their own?

A: No, not if they don’t want to. They can all sing together, in small groups or solo, its up to them, as long as they have fun.

Q: How do they learn the songs before the party?

A: Each party has its very own Online Practice Page where you can listen to the backing tracks (which have no singing on them) and view/download lyrics sheets.

Q: How long does the party last?

A: Generally 2 hours, plus about 20 mins setting up time.

Q: What’s on the USB bracelet the children take home?

A: Everything we recorded, plus “Happy Birthday” of course! If you’ve opted for the photo-shoot all the photos from the shoot will be on there too.

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