Duration: 2 hours, plus 20 mins set up time

  • Personalised invitations
  • Backing tracks of your 3 chosen songs
  • Personalised, on-line “Practice Page” where you can download lyric sheets and sing along to the backing tracks before the day
  • The recording party itself, recording 3 different songs
  • A fun, colour USB bracelet containing MP3 files of everything recorded at the party for every guest on the day

PRICE: £250

for the birthday girl plus 12 guests, £15 per-head thereafter.


Duration: 2½ hours, plus 30 mins set up time

Everything included in the recording party, PLUS:

  • 30 minute photo-shoot with our professional photographer
  • Pose with fun props against our pop star red carpet background
  • Individual and group shots
  • All the photo’s are edited on site and transferred to the same USB bracelets as the music

PRICE: £400

for the birthday girl plus 12 guests, £15 per-head thereafter.

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